Public Relaitons Manager

The Public Relations Manager is responsible for the strategic planning, development, and implementation of public affairs and public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for clients and the agency.  S/he is responsible for interpreting the client’s strategic marketing plan through public relations and publicity efforts as well as proactively identifying advantageous publicity opportunities.  

Public Relations Manager reports to the President. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • “Tells the organization’s story” using all appropriate media and communication channels.
  • Generates and promotes ideas aimed at gaining support for client goals and policies from its target audiences.
  • Serves as an advocate for client businesses; builds and maintains positive relationships with the public.
  • Handles organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, and governmental relations; political campaigns; interest-group representation; conflict mediation; media training; or employee and investor relations for designated accounts and the agency.
  • Understands the attitudes and concerns of consumers, employees, and various other groups; keeps management aware of public attitudes and concerns of all groups and organizations with which the client must deal.
  • Establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups and with representatives from print, broadcast and web journalism.
  • Informs the general public, interest groups, and stockholders of an organization’s policies, activities, and accomplishments.
  • Directs the creation and implementation of all public relations campaigns, programs and publicity activities for the agency and its clients.
  • Directs the writing of all publicity stories.  When required, the public relations manager will write stories.
  • Reviews and/or edits all PR releases to be distributed by the agency.
  • Meets every other week with media director and account services to coordinate media and publicity placement for maximum agency and client benefit.
  • Determines when and where all PR releases will be sent for placement.
  • Works with account service personnel and assigned PR account staff to develop publicity ideas for clients.
  • Meets once a month, or as needed, with senior management to update them on department status and make any changes deemed necessary.
  • Maintains current computer skills related to public relations department daily functions; ensures all public relations team members do the same.

To apply, email Jim Svoboda at

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