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The Online Community Specialist (OCS) manages the social media and online community for the agency and clients on a daily basis, proactively working to increase engagement, beyond just moderating posts or reacting to what happens within the community. The OCS facilitates conversation among community members, serving as the voice of the brand to the community, and the voice of the community to the brand. The OCS is a nurturer within the community, and a troubleshooter when necessary. 

Essential functions of an Online Community Specialist include: monitoring social media channels; monitoring and moderating community boards/forums; encouraging engagement with ask/respond tactics; training community staff; guiding community-aimed marketing; promoting the community; tracking and reporting community metrics; identifying trends and conducting topical market research. 


  • Oversees technical and system administration aspects of the community, including working with the community platform vendor to address, resolve, and communicate any issues related community features and functionality; providing technical support to members and staff; and implementing new community features as necessary.
  • Works with the Account Executive to develop and implement community promotion, engagement strategies and tactics related to the communications division and the organization’s strategic goals; communicates and promotes new community features or procedures to members and staff.
  • Works with the Chief Strategy Officer on membership and marketing to coordinate appropriate community postings across the organization’s other digital channels.
  • Monitors discussions, resource postings, and trends within the community; identifies and reports usage trends and advises on potential opportunities; alerts and works with the Account Executive and appropriate staff to resolve issues as they arise.
  • Networks with community members and identifies community champions (influencers and advocates); trains and empowers community champions to participate at a more significant engagement level.
  • Monitors and measures community engagement success (i.e., number of power users, number of discussions, etc.); reports this data to the Chief Strategy Office and Account Executive; identifies and reports on community trends to internal teams.
  • Contributes to related communication vehicles and ensures community integration for promotion and to build awareness.
  • Coordinates with agency and client teams to ensure successful coordinated campaigns for communication and education.
  • Internally promotes and evangelizes community activities. 

If you are interested in the position, please send resumes attention to Randa Zalman, Chief Strategy Officer, at  For any questions regarding the position, responsibilities and qualifications, Randa can be reached at 402-392-4852. 

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