Legislative Spotlight – September 2014


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With media outlets inundated with messages from candidates, for constitutional amendments, positions and the like, I’m wondering, ‘Has the public sector finally figured out what the private sector has known for years?’

With the ever-changing demands on public agencies and government entities, one element has remained constant: communicating with customers.

Those in the advertising industry have known for years that the public sector has always lagged behind its private sector counterparts in comprehending the importance of strategic communications and marketing.

For decades, private sector industries have strategically hired advertising firms and professionals to create and hone communications strategies and marketing campaigns to reach their desired customers. Recently, these strategies are driven towards micro targeting communications to sub-demographics like ‘wired, working moms’ or ‘office park, weekend warriors.’

Enter your 21st-century public sector entity.

From Facebook to Twitter, cable TV spots to YouTube, public sector officials and entities are standing on the cliff. Strategic communications through micro targeted advertising will always be challenge for public sector entities because of the very nature of their role. Unlike Coke Cola, more advertising does not always lead to more market share for a public sector entity.

The moral of my story: ‘If you think you don’t have a vested interest in legislative affairs, think again.’

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   Sheila O’Connor
   AAF Omaha Board  Member & 
   Legislative Issues Chair

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