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Each year, the American Advertising Federation Omaha assembles a Public Service Committee which chooses a local non-profit organization to receive a comprehensive advertising campaign at little or no cost. AAF Omaha has voluntarily been involved in public service advertising projects for many years, creating and promoting pro-bono campaigns that would normally cost an thousands of dollars. Recent campaign recipients include The Hope Center, Youth Emergency Services, Shaken Baby Task force and The Kim Foundation/Project Relate.

2012 Public Service Advertising Application for Consideration

2010-2011 Public Service Campaign

AAF Omaha partnered with advertising students from Creighton University who, with guidance from other AAF Omaha members, functioned as the public service committee.  The students, who operated under the name of Soup Line, conducted themselves like a student-run agency, with account services, media and creative departments. Students were responsible for conceiving and directing the entire campaign. The students’ involvement was the focal point of the advertising campaigns class offered by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Creighton University.

Midwest Heart Connection (MHC) was selected to receive  AAF Omaha’s 2010-11 Public Service integrated campaign.  MHC’s mission is to provide information, resources, and support to individuals with congenital heart disease (CHD) and their families. While they primarily serve Nebraska and the surrounding areas, they are the only such group in the region that offers such services. They are passionate about raising awareness of CHD and believe that awareness will encourage communities to be more understanding of the needs of those with CHD and will facilitate fundraising for pediatric cardiology research so that more children with heart disease will survive, live longer, and live higher quality lives.


2009-2010 Public Service Campaign

AAF Omaha received top honors from the American Advertising Federation for its public service advertising campaign developed for the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC) Family Justice Center of the Midlands.  The DVCC is an Omaha-based non-profit providing prevention, intervention, and treatment techniques for assisting individuals, area organizations and agencies dedicated to serving those effected by and at greatest risk of domestic violence.  Members of Omaha’s advertising and marketing community donated time and resources to complete the public awareness campaign.

DVCC-15 Happy

DVCC-30 Happy

DVCC-30 Escape Hatch

KETV News March 2010 

AAF Omaha Public Service Campaign Contributors:

     Kathleen Overholt, Thought District
     Jeff Maciejewski, Creighton University
     Jennifer Kros-Dorfmeyer, Bailey Lauerman
     Marty Amsler, Bailey Lauerman
     Rainbow Rowell, Bailey Lauerman
     Dave Markes, Bailey Lauerman
     Jim Buhrman, Bailey Lauerman
     Meghan Kifer, Bailey Lauerman
     Michelle Sukup, Bailey Lauerman
     Patrick Stibbs, On the Spot Radio
     Erin Takeuchi, Creighton University
     Karen Hadley, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
     Jane Shinn, Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
     Ashley Hadley, Domestict Violence Coordinating Council  

2007-2008 Public Service CampaignAAF Omaha teamed up with Children’s Respite Care Center to provide an advertising campaign.The campaign concept is: Together we can do anything.This means, regardless of abilities or challenges, a child is innately imaginative, creative, and full of wonder. A smile or a laugh is a universally enjoyed experience, and for a child to smile or laugh brings a real sense of satisfaction.

Parents, caregivers, teachers and coaches all share a responsibility to provide the proper environment and encouragement that allows children to reach their highest goals. For one child, that’s reaching the Olympic podium or graduating at the top of their class. For another, it’s completing the simple daily tasks we often take for granted. The sense of accomplishment for either child is genuine and meaningful.

Children see their goals much differently than adults. They’re called wishes. They imagine things in much grander fashions. They don’t yet think about “Plan B,” or prioritizing their action item lists. That’s for grownups. For children, the world is a fantastic place, and if asked to choose between handwriting exercises or taking a balloon ride – the choice is clear.

Achieving that sense of accomplishment, reaching the goals that will put a smile on a child’s face, and filling them with a sense of value and contribution is Children’s Respite Care Center’s mission. “Together we can do anything” applies to the relationship between child and parent, child and caregiver, caregiver and parent. It is the support we give each other and the bond we build within the group that ultimately benefits our children.

A garage sale was held on March 28 and 29 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Children’s Respite Care Center received a lot of media coverage prior to the event on various news stations (TV). The spots were also aired on NRG Media radio stations. CRCC raised a little over $10,000!

Watch the commercial here. Please enjoy the following print materials created for Children’s Respite Care Center.

AAF Omaha Public Service Campaign Contributors:

Turnpost Creative Group
Visual Utility
Clear Channel Radio
Robert Ervin Photography
Albers Communications
Barnhart Press
Regal Printing
Lamar Outdoor
Waitt Outdoor
One Magazine
Omaha Family
Today’s Omaha Woman
The Reader
Omaha Magazine
B2B Quarterly
Omaha World-Herald
Metro Monthly
Women’s Eduction
Journal Broadcast Group
Cox Media
NRG Media

2006-2007 Public Service Campaign

AAF Omaha’s 2006-2007 Public Service Project for Youth Emergency Services (YES) launched May 16, 2007.

Help take homeless kids off the streets before something else does.

2005-2006 Public Service Campaign

Visit the 2006 AAF Omaha Public Service work for the Partners For Methamphetamine Prevention at

Methamphetamine Prevention

Public Service Campaign Contributors:

Kathleen Durkin, Swanson Russell
Chairperson Jill Butler, Journal Broadcast Group
Dave Christiansen, Swanson Russell
Teresa Dowling, West
Emily Epstein, Swanson Russell
Cort Irish, Bozell
Catherine Monahan, Ervin & Smith Advertising and Public Relations
Wes Neuhaus, Swanson Russell
Kristin Petrick, Ervin & Smith Advertising and Public Relations
Ed Salem, Swanson Russell
Dan Walker, Swanson Russell
Jennifer Windrum, Swanson Russell

 2005-2006 Public Service Committee

Greg Ahrens, SKAR Advertising – Writer/Producer
Sheila Kuehn, Lamar Outdoor – Account Executive
Scott Bargenquast, Zaiss & Co. – Art Director
Amanda Petersen, DRM Arbys – Media Buyer
Kristin Petrick, Ervin & Smith – Public Relations
Mike Duman, SKAR Advertising – Art Director
Zachary Stanko, Bozell
David Markes, Bailey Lauerman

AAF Omaha could not have created this campaign without generous support form the following donors:

Regal Printing
Great Plains Motion Picture Company
SKAR Advertising
ProComm Studios
Field Paper
Graphic Technologies
Renze Display
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
OnTrack Music
Rachel Lowery, TV Talent
Erin Cooper, Radio Talent
Anne Luchsinger
Douglas Theatres

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